Submissions Permanently CLOSED

Due to the hardships of 2020 Me First Magazine has unfortunately closed. We thank everyone for their support and all their hard work.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT 3rd or 2nd person stories, ONLY FIRST PERSON.

Anything written in 3rd or 2nd person will be automatically rejected.

We take first person FICTION up to 6,500 words for any genre. Please submit your work as a word docx. doc. of rtf. in Standard Manuscript Formatting. (Google it if you’re not sure what that is: William Shunn is your go-to.)

Make sure your story is ready. We do not mind a request to change one or two small things after sending an acceptance, but a list of 20 changes is never okay and likely to get you put on our shit list. We have more important things to do than email you back and forth about minor changes that do not matter to the reader. (Yes, this has happened)

Submit each individual story in a NEW email (Please do no respond to an acceptance or a rejection with another submission as your reply) to:

Please put, “Submission,” in the subject line and address it, “To the editor.”

We ask for First Rights as we publish digitally but later place most work that appears on the website in a year-in-review print edition. Each contributor will receive a PDF copy of that anthology. We are highly annoyed at ourselves for not being able to offer pay at this time, but are working hard to get at least a token payment implemented. Me First Magazine respects all authors and their work. You deserve to be compensated and we know that.

Previously published work is accepted so long as you own the rights but we do NOT accept simultaneous submissions.

We’re not opposed to pushing the envelope but hate child molesters, misandry, misogyny, and animal abuse. Do NOT test us on this. Freedom of speech is very dear to Me First Magazine, but so is intelligence and decency.  If any of these elements are important to the story for noble reasons we are flexible. 

If accepted, your stories will receive a free edit to meet our standards.

Thank you!